الإستعداد بالتفريز

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الإستعداد بالتفريز

Have you ever prepared large amounts of rice or pasta? Or wish I could prepare rice in advance and sorted it ?? Do not worry, you can easily cook the rice and after it has cooled, place it in a food storage container and close it; then place the pack in the freezer for the time of need. Reheat it with a microwave or as little water on low heat.

 Pasta can be saved in the freezer after stirring and left slightly to cool, by placing it in a sealed food bag with a little olive oil added to prevent its adhesion. Then be taken out when needed and heated with the addition of sauce and preferably taken out before the night of preparation.  

 After preparing the red pasta paste, the white polynesian white oleander, leave it to cool completely .. Then the sauce boy in a tightly sealed container or in a plastic bag and let it be emptied from the air before overloading. Remove the bowl from the freezer and place it at room temperature until it is slowly dissolved or placed in a low-temperature cooking pan until it is melted and used for pasta recipes.

After preparing the dough, divide it according to your need and keep it in a plastic bag after placing a little flour inside the bag to prevent the paste from sticking to the bag.
If you want to keep it as slices, separate the dough chips by placing the nylon or butter paper after placing the flour on it. Before using them, take them out before preparing them to make the dough comfortable before using them.

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