A Beautiful Table for a Celebration of Lifetime


A Beautiful Table for a Celebration of Lifetime

A lot of ladies anticipate Eid-Al-Fitr to have another happy occasion which is their engagement or Hennah Night. A lot of ladies like to have those parties at home, so the dining table should be arranged and decorated in a special way that adds to the happy atmosphere. Here are three different table setting ideas: 
For example, choose a simple look and feel that it is all about simplicity and white color. The table setting is characterized by light and comfortable setting, with soft aesthetic touches such as natural flowers. 
Or the elegant setting, which the design depends on the accuracy of the color consistency of the various components on the table, from the color of the tablecloth to the design of all the utensils and tools, you can add flower decorations or candles.

You can also choose the luxurious setting, which is all about rich and vibrant component with warm colors that would bring out the luxurious setting. 

Whichever setting you decide to proceed with, below are few tips and creative ideas on having a perfect and professionally arranged table. 

•First of all, keep everything simple. Less is more. Make sure you arrange your table in such a way that matches the occasion, as engagement and Hennah nights are different from any other celebration. Keep everything simple when arranging the table; the less plates, the better. Don’t forget to put your main dish in one big dish and the side dishes in smaller ones. The simpler, the more beautiful.
•Second, use white plates to make the colors of your delicious food clearer. Everything looks better on beautiful white china that highlights all the colors and makes the food look more delicious. 
•Third, arrange your table skillfully. You might not put so much effort in arranging your tableware in normal days, but it’s essential to do that in those occasions. Arrange your table in a special way by putting your forks and knives in their spots before the guests arrive.
•Fourth, arrange the plates in odd numbers, as they might look weird in even numbers, whether it’s a scallop plate or small sauce bowls. Make sure you have odd numbers (3 or 5), and avoid 2 or 3.
•Fifth, decorate the plates in a special way, by focusing on the main dish and use garnishing and decorations to highlight the dish. Always use edible decorations such as, serving grilled salmon with lemon wedges. Make sure you buy coriander weekly; it is very delicious and can be used as a decoration in almost any dish.

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