Baking paper multi usage


Baking paper multi usage

Every kitchen has baking paper. It is known to be used to bake sweets. But do you know that you can use baking paper for many other uses such as:

•    Rust protection: To keep household utensils both metallic and painted from rusting, clean pots and utensils, then use baking paper and wipe them with it. It will form a layer of protection from moisture and will not change color.

•    Protection from dust in the kitchen: To keep the surfaces of the cupboards in the kitchen clean and free of grease, spread a piece of baking paper and the wax layer will act as a magnet to attract all the dust, every few weeks change the piece of paper.

•    Get a clean cutting board: Wrap the cutting board with two layers of baking paper to help absorb moisture from the cutting board to keep it clean of liquids and bacteria.

•    decorating bags: to facilitate the process of decorating the cake or other sweets. Roll the baking paper into a cone, then fill it with cream, and use it to decorate your desserts.

•     Baking the Tart base: When baking the base of the Tart, cover the base with baking paper and then some grains such as chickpeas or beans, which work as heavy weights so tart base doesn't rise.

•    To make baked dishes: Instead of using the oil in cooking try when making tajini or baked meat to use baking paper to wrap it in aluminum foil and you will get a good result from both.

•    Divider in the desserts: You can use baking paper as fillers when baking desserts such as brownies, layers of semolina or tofi, it will prevent it from sticking to each other.

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