Fava Beans, The King of Ramadan’s Table


Fava Beans, The King of Ramadan’s Table

Happiness is having Fava beans at Suhoor and Iftar table. Not just during Ramadan, also during all year long.

We know you are already organizing and preparing for Ramadan dishes, and to help you prepare in a better way, we bring you delicious recipes that you can make with our range of Goody Fava Beans.

First we have Goody Fava Beans Mudammes. It can be used in almost any Fava beans recipe due to its whole grains and no added mix. It is great for creative and experimental recipes like oriental Fava beans and Fava beans with thyme.

There are also Chili Fava Beans which favorites of those who prefer a bit of spicy taste. Try the fava bean Alexandrian style recipe or Fava beans salad recipe. Yum!

As Fava beans are one of the most famous traditional meals in Hijaz, Egypt and Lebanon, Goody prepared different delicious recipes to fit each cuisine. If you want to make Egyptian Bessarah Fava Beans or Fava Beans Fattah, all you need to do is pick the Egyptian Fava Beans mix.

There’s nothing more delicious for Iftar than Mubakhar Fava Beans and the best choice for this recipe is our Hijazi Fava Beans mix. Absolutely delicious!

If you’d like to prepare Fava beans with Lebanese mix or Fava Beans Fattah for your guests for your Suhoor table, we recommend you our Lebanese Fava Beans mix. It tastes great.

Don’t forget to check our website for more creative recipes. Try them one by one and we are sure you won’t get enough!


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