Cheesecake  Greece


Cheesecake Greece

That cheesecake beckoning you from the display case goes back further than you think. How far back? Some believe that cheesecakes were first made on a Greek Island called Samos in 2,000 BC. Legend also has it that cheesecake was served to Olympians in 776 BC. Cheesecake is such a well-loved dessert, who doesn’t believe it could fuel your power to win a sport? The Romans are believed to have exported the tasty treat to other regions of their empire, after conquering Greece. And, as cheesecake spread, the recipes were then adapted to ingredients that were native to each locality.

Cheesecake arrived in the United States, with immigrants, where it was further revolutionized by the accidental invention of cream cheese, giving us what we now know as the New York Cheesecake. The rest is history. Each of us now have our own take on the best way to make this dessert, including adventurous ingredients such as blue cheese, chilies, and even tofu.

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