Decorate your Eid Chocolate the right way!


Decorate your Eid Chocolate the right way!

Make this Eid special by preparing Chocolate Flowers and serving them on your Eid table. See the steps of preparing beautiful Chocolate Flowers 

½ Kg White or Black Chocolate 
½ Cup Corn Syrup (For The Black Chocolate)
¼ Kg Glucose Honey (For The White Chocolate) 
Sugar Powder to Prevent Sticking 
Garnishing Sprinkles (Golden or Silver)

1.Cut or grate the chocolate and add it in water bath. Mix well until it melts. 
2.Add the maple syrup or the glucose to the melted chocolate and mix well.
3.Flip the chocolate over on butter or nylon paper, roll it and let it cool in room temperature overnight. 
4.Wear gloves and soften the dough with your hands until it’s completely smooth. If it sticks to your hands, sprinkle sugar powder on your gloves.
5.To change the flowers color, you can add food colors to the white chocolate dough.
6.After forming the flowers, you can sprinkle the garnishing over each flower. 


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