Do You Know the Different Kinds of Pasta and How to Use Them?


Do You Know the Different Kinds of Pasta and How to Use Them?

Goody provides a wide range of fine rich pasta with natural ingredients as it is 100% made of hard wheat semolina. We have more than 20 kinds of pasta, such as:

Spaghetti: it’s the most popular kind of pasta and is usually used to make original Italian pasta recipe with tomato sauce and olive oil. It’s also suitable for all kinds of sauces. You can use it to make delicious pasta nests and Asian spaghetti.

Fusilli: it’s spiral-shaped pasta, which helps retain the sauce. Use it to make spinach white sauce pasta or zucchini shrimp pasta.

Pennine Rigate:  hollow diagonal pasta, usually referred to as ‘pencil pasta’. It’s delicious when used with white or tomato sauce. It should be left a little hard when cooked to absorb the sauce. Use it to make masala or bashamel pasta.

Penne Lisce:  It looks like Pennine Rigate but not striped. Use it to make artichoke pasta salad.

Vermicelli: It’s thinner than spaghetti, and widely used in oriental recipes. Many people use it in savory and sweet recipes such as baked beef thigh with vermicelli and chocolate vermicelli balls.

Lasagna: wide pasta slices that can be flat or wavy. Lasagna slices are put together with slices of different sauces. It’s said that it’s one of the first pastas ever made in Italy. Try lasagna musaqa’ or lasagna wraps with seafood.

Conchiglioni: It looks like shells, which helps retain the sauces. You can use it in different pasta recipes with different sauces whether heavy, white or red. Try it with sautéed chicken.

Cannelloni: it’s cylindrical pasta. It can be stuffed with minced beef, veggies, ricotta cheese and spinach, then covered with sauce and put in the oven. Try it with Mexican stuffing or to make creamy Bolognese cannelloni.

Farfalle: it means ‘butterfly’. It’s also called ‘Bow Tie’ pasta as it looks like a neck tie. It can be used in different recipes and salads. Try it with garlic, lemon and shrimps.

Goody also provides you other kinds of high-quality pasta with exceptional ingredients to get creative and bring happiness to your family.

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