Don’t panic when food gets burnt!


Don’t panic when food gets burnt!

You may be feeling stressed when you are preparing the food before the arrival of your family or guests and suddenly the food gets burnt! Don’t be stressed out and try to fix the situation quickly and smartly by following these tips:
1.Start by preparing a quick and easy meal using simple ingredients.
2.Make use of the food you’ve prepared before and stored in the freezer.
3.Present salad and starters to your family and guests while you finish cooking a quick dish.

To fix burnt food, follow these steps:
1.If the rice gets burnt, move the un-burnt part out to a clean bowl and place a piece of white bread on it for 15 minutes. Or, put onion peels on top of the rice and cover for 15 minutes.
2.To remove the burnt smell from yogurt, put a towel on the bowl or as a cover and repeat this for 3 times until the smell fades away.
3.If most of the food gets burnt, immerse the burnt pot in a water bath immediately in order to save the other parts from the burnt taste. Leave the pot uncovered until there’s no more steam coming out of it, then transfer the food to another pot.

Don’t forget, in case you want to prevent the burnt smell from spreading all over your house, add cinnamon powder and hot water to a bowl, boil the mixture and let it evaporate for 15 minutes. This will change the smell of your house immediately.

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