Each salad has an exotic taste; Goody dressings enriches every taste.


Each salad has an exotic taste; Goody dressings enriches every taste.

Salad is not limited to those who follow a healthy diet, it is a vital dish for every member of the family. Rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, all forms of salads must be the essence of every meal. Goody has created several dressings to spice up your choice and eliminate the routine. Create distinctive choices and flavors compatible with the components of any and every salad! Because Goody cares about what every mother wants for her family, it offers a variety of salad connoisseurs to satisfy all tastes no matter how many choices. Here are Goody varieties available in the market and suggested recipes for every mother: 

1.Goody Italian Dressing: Rich in fresh Italian aromatic herbs, we suggest you add it to salads containing pasta or Italian ingredients. Add our delicious Italian dressing to pasta, artichokes, spinach or squash and some beetroots for a tasty Italian Salad.

2.Goody Ranch Dressing: A delicious and creamy dressing, we definitely suggest you try it with any salad that contains cold meats and seafood. Try it with tuna, potatoes, beetroot or a yummy Nicoise salad.

3.Goody French Dressing: Stimulate your taste buds with original French taste by topping your salad with this special dressing. Delicious with few ingredients and certainly with the famous French Nicoise salad. We recommend that you try it with triple bean salad or Rocca, pomegranate and pears salad. 

4.Goody Garlic Dressing: Compliments any salad that includes poultry and meats and can be used as a delicious sauce for appetizers and side dishes. Highly recommended with the yummy Asian crunchy chicken salad.

5.Goody Blue Cheese Dressing: Blue cheese has a special and exquisite flavor that enhances the taste of any salad. It can also be used as a sauce for side dishes or a dip for hot bread. We suggest trying it with chickpeas, beets, and feta cheese salad or with the light summer fish salad.

6.Goody Thousand Island Dressing: Just like its name; a very special dressing with a thousand flavors that can be used with all salad dishes. Try it with the rich fried onion salad. 

Goody Thousand Island Dressing is also available in a low-fat option for a lighter meal for those who are weight conscious.  We propose you try it with the summer salad or beans and avocado salad. 

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