Eat at the right time!


Eat at the right time!

Eating at any time during the day is one of the unhealthy food habits that you should avoid immediately. Eating regularly at certain times deeply affects our general health and keeps us away from the additional meals that we might find ourselves eating when we feel hungry.

Researchers have clarified that each organ in our bodies has a biological clock. This means that there are certain times when our livers, intestines and muscles work more efficiently. These metabolic cycles are essential to a number of our body processes, such as breaking down cholesterol, and have to be active while eating and inactive while not eating.

Generally, it’s recommended to allow no more than 6 hours between our meals, starting breakfast at 7 am, lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 7 pm. You can eat some snack before lunch to satisfy your hunger and avoid eating large amount of food at lunch. Snacks must be light and healthy meals, such as refreshing mint yogurt, fresh apple juice, cocktail juice and peach juice with milk and savory biscuits.

The biological work of our body starts from 9 am till 7 am. During these hours, the intestines absorb the food and, therefor, we should eat a healthy balanced breakfast, such as: broad beans with yogurt and tahini, berry oatmeal, pancake with mixed fruits, peanut butter waffle and a cub of Cofique coffee with its various ways of preparation.
From 9 am till 11 am, our body gets rid of the toxins and goes back to its biological work from 11 am till 3 pm. During this time, we should be having lunch no later than 1 pm to allow for a rest and some sleep because the liver and the gallbladder remove the toxins at this time. We can choose recipes of high nutritional value, such as: lentil and quinoa salad, tuna salad, chickpea salad with beet and feta cheese, orzo with fish fillet, steak Diane or kofta with tomato.

The last biological work in the body during the day is done at 10 pm till 12 pm, when the bone marrow produces blood cells. So, it’s recommended that we don’t eat late at night so nothing interferes with the work of the body and increases the amount of stored fats. It’s advised that we eat dinner at 7 pm and it should consist of light meals, such as: meatballs and noodle soup, chicken sandwich with lemon and ranch sauce, Asian crunchy chicken salad, chickpea with avocado or tuna and quinoa rolls.

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