Energize with Refreshing Juices at each Iftar table


Energize with Refreshing Juices at each Iftar table

Happiness is a refreshing juice at Iftar table. There is nothing like it! We know you try many different ingredients every year to bring some creativity and color on the table. We also know you want to do it very quickly. If you need to save time for making new juices, we highly recommend to prepare the ingredients beforehand.

Idea #1:
 For cocktails, prepare the fruits by chopping them evenly, putting them in bags and storing them in the freezer. Whenever needed, take the fruits out of the freezer, add water/ milk / yogurt and ice cubes to them. Mix them to get a delicious smoothie or a refreshing juice.

Idea #2:
After squeezing the fresh fruits, save the extract in the fridge. This way, the juice won’t lose its nutrients and you can take out the amount you need whenever you want. For better results, pour the juice in ice cubes tray and store it in the freezer for up to 3 months!  

Idea #3:
 You can also heat the juice on low heat. Keep stirring until all the water evaporates. Add sugar according to taste and keep stirring until it dissolves. When the juice becomes thick, store it in the refrigerator or the fridge. Before serving the juice, add some cold water to it and just stir!

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