Fresh juice mix


Fresh juice mix

Natural juices are popular with everyone because it's favored for by all.

juices are easy to digest and very beneficial. it contains many vitamins and minerals, also rich in water which is necessary for the body.

  1.   To know the best natural juices for the body and the benefits of it use a variety of fruits to get the most benefits and vitamins and add a higher value to the juice. Such as coconut water, coconut, strawberry, papaya, beets, pineapple, apple... and many other options that you or your family prefer.
  2. Use fruits and vegetables. Many believe that juices can only be made from fruits, but vegetables can also be used. Such as (parsley, shea seeds, cucumber, celery, avocado  , spinach).
  3. It is recommended to drink the juice immediately after making it, to get the largest amount of nutrients from the juice and to indulge in the fresh taste.
  4.   Prepare the juices to your family in the morning before breakfast for a refreshing start this will also help the body absorb the nutrients faster.
  5.   Use an appropriate juicer machine, there are many types of juicers in the market, and your choice depends on your need.
  6.   Read more about Blenders or Juicers… What’s best?

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