Get Creative with Sambusa Fillings this Ramadan!


Get Creative with Sambusa Fillings this Ramadan!

What’s better to break your fast than with a delicious and crispy sambusa? No dinner table is complete in Ramadan without the filled sambusa plate. Is it the dough, or the fillings?! In fact, it’s both! A delicious fluffy dough and different fillings that the housewife can use and impress her family and guests. 

Sambusa fillings differ from home to home and a country to another. But the most popular ones are minced beef, minced chicken and cheese. Here are some classic sambusa fillings:
1.Minced beef sambusa
2.Minced beef and eggs sambusa
3.Minced chicken sambusa
4.White cheese sambusa
5.Yellow cheese sambusa
6.Indian potato sambusa

Have you tried the tuna vegetable sambusa? Or Buffalo chicken sambusa? Or avocado & mayonnaise sambusa? You can also make up your own filling using different ingredients and spices.

The good thing about sambusa filling is that it’s a unique mix of ingredients, herbs and spices that can give different results every time with slight changes. Remember: We’re here for you, so don’t stop at the popular fillings, and don’t hesitate to come up with your own creative ideas!

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