Ideas of Sharing


Ideas of Sharing

Your kid might find some difficulty in making new friends at the beginning of the school year, or in dealing with his colleagues after a long vacation. As a mother, you can help him make friends simply by providing him with the social skills that will make him better at being spontaneous and making new friends.

Remember that kids learn faster by imitation, so you should show him how he should deal with his friends. Be the reason of your kid making new friends on his first day at school, by giving him a dish full of “chocolate peanut butter bites” or “peanut granola quest bars” so that he invites his friends to share them while playing and talking. You can also arrange a meet and greet party at your house and invite your kid’s colleagues and their mothers, who can bring their kids’ favorite dishes. We recommend that you prepare mini sandwiches and banana ice cream for this party. Get your kid into the habit of knowing his friends’ birthdays and send birthday cakes with him to school. We recommend the peanut butter chocolate pie. 

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