Learn More About Lunch boxes


Learn More About Lunch boxes

 As children use their lunch boxes everyday at school and to ensure they have a healthy clean meal, it is important to shed the light on several major points when it comes to choosing a lunch box.
1.Glass Containers:
One of the best and healthiest choices out there, especially because they usually come with plastic lids. However, it is not preferred to be filled completely to the top. If you want to heat the food using the microwave, oven or even wash it using the dishwasher, just remove the lid and you are good to go. This type of containers are not safe for children.
2.Plastic Containers:
Always try to choose the ones with a triangle shape at the bottom with number “5” on it, which is known as the best type of plastic and the safest for your children.
●Glass containers with silicone lids can be put in the refrigerator, used in the oven safely and they are microwave and dishwasher safe as well. 
●Make sure that Pyrex and ceramic containers are microwave safe by checking the bottom of containers.

There are several tests you can do to see whether the dish is microwave safe or not:
●Fill a microwave safe cup with water.
●Place the container with the glass of water in the microwave.
●Microwave the two items together for 15 seconds.
●Perform a touch test.
●The container is unsafe for the microwave if it is warm and the water is cold.
●If the container is still cold, microwave it for a few more seconds.
●If the container is cool then it is microwave safe.

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