Learn the Art of Cake Decoration


Learn the Art of Cake Decoration

Cakes are very suitable for Eid. Because decorating is difficult for many women, they resort to buying cakes from desserts shops because they're beautifully decorated. This article helps you make better homemade decorated cakes. 
• After you finish making your sponge cake, let it cool, then wrap it from the middle with a thread and cut it in half. Separate the two halves of the cake and decorate the bottom half with the filling you like. Put the upper half back on and coat it along with the sides with white frosting cream.
• You can grind soft biscuits and sprinkle it over the cake, or sprinkle grated nuts like almonds and pistachios. Add some fruit pieces after cutting them into beautiful shapes. 
• Decorate the cake with flowers made of sugar dough. You can make the flowers yourself by following these steps:
1.Roll out a piece of sugar dough to form a 3mm layer to be easily shaped.

2.Put a flower-shaped mold on the dough you rolled out, then press on it to form a flower. Repeat the process 3 times.

3.Bring a piece of sugar dough sponge and sprinkle some starch on it.

4.Put one of your flowers on the sponge and press on it from the middle using a round tool. Repeat the process with the rest of the flowers.

5.Take a piece of sugar dough and shape it to form an oval shape as in the picture, and then put a wooden stick into it.

6.Put a wooden stick into the bottom of the flower.

7.Bring the flower edges together and wrap it around the oval piece. Now you have the internal part ready.

8.Put a wooden stick into the other flower using the same technique until the flower is ready.

9.When you reach the last flower, put a wooden stick into it and do not bring the edges together so that you have open petals.


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