Longer freshness for your seasonal fruits


Longer freshness for your seasonal fruits

To keep them fresh and bursting with flavour for as long as possible, you can simply follow these steps:

1.Remove the berries from their original boxes and put them gently in a clean container. Rinse them under cool running water.
2.Fill the container with cold water and add a few drops of vinegar. It will kill any harmful cells, bacteria and germs that damage the fruits.
3.Discard the water and drain the berries thoroughly in a clean colander.
4.Lay them on a clean towel or thick absorbing paper towels and leave them for some minutes.
5.Make sure they are completely dry and arrange them in clean containers. Lay a piece of absorbing paper towel on top then close the lid.
6.Put the container in the fridge and you will see how they maintain their freshness for longer.

Since we at the berries’ season, make sure to use them in your delicious recipes and desserts! Our recipe for today is Peanut Butter Waffle with Strawberry that will surely impress your

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