Love at First Bite


Love at First Bite

Is it true that food is the way to the heart?

You are the mother, sister and daughter; with your simple touches you add the housewife’s essence to the food through your innovative recipes and various tasty dishes, whose effect will remain in the hearts for many years to come; and through this you will be able to create an atmosphere of happiness and love between your family members, and even your neighbors and friends.

The saying goes "From Heart to Heart", and your dishes are prepared from your heart with all your love to reach your family; as your discoveries for special flavors and varied spices, or even aromatic herbs add taste and aroma to your food, which distinguish you from others. You will know if you are surrounded by passionate cooks through the food’s aroma; i.e. the cooking aroma emitted from their kitchen. This aroma, which attracts both the hungry and the full, will be emitted from your kitchen to roam around the house. Indeed, you will become special! Making you live on in the hearts of all those around you.

It is also said: “Cooking is for all”; however, cooking is an art, and the culinary art is not excelled by many; but you can be in the lead among your relatives and neighbors through your creativity in making delicious dishes with a variety of ingredients bearing a pleasant aroma! Through the innovative and distinctive Goody Kitchen recipes, you can create this world!

You are the mother sitting on the throne of your kitchen, providing the tastiest dishes and sweets, to capture their hearts, and create unforgettable memories. Many have adored the delicious lasagna that you have prepared for your son's graduation ceremony and the chocolate peanut butter dessert you have served to your visitors on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, and they are looking forward to it next year. You have impressed all of your family members, relatives, friends and neighbors. How many mothers have been helped by preparing delicious food in strengthening their ties with their families!

You know the favorite desire of every member of your family; as one of them may prefer more salt, while the other would rather less spices or extra cheese... and so on.

You are doing a fantastic job in the kitchen; since you are the first and last source for eating food characterized with its magnificent taste; as you vary in making its numerous varieties, serving its distinguished dishes, and preparing the new tasty recipes; along with the healthy and delicious cooking; in order to suit the different growth stages for each member of your family; taking into account to add all the high-quality ingredients necessary for proper and safe nutrition.

Discover the Goody kitchen recipes for many ideas and innovations in the Eastern and Western dishes and desserts; so that you and your family will enjoy delicious dishes and tasty recipes; in addition to cooking and kitchen tips that make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.


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