Make your chicken juicy


Make your chicken juicy

Tricks to make your chicken moist, tender, and juicy.

Let’s follow the steps for better results. First of all, boneless skinless chicken breasts can easily make your chicken dish juicy. Then brine the chicken. For a long brine, mix room temperature water with the salt. Submerge the chicken breasts for 4-8 hours and store in the refrigerator. For a quick brine instead, mix warm water with the salt and submerge the breasts for 15-30 minutes, unrefrigerated.

Brush the chicken with some melted butter on the sides and coat with the spices then bake.

When it is done, take out the chicken from the oven and allow it to rest. This is very important for a moister chicken. Cut into it now and all the juices will leak! Let the chicken sit for 5 minutes for small cuts, 10 minutes for large ones. Serve after the resting period for a juicy tender dish.

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