Marinating the Meat to get the Best of Flavors


Marinating the Meat to get the Best of Flavors

Usually, Arab families eat the sacrificed meat in banquets and barbeques during Eid Al-Adha, as a special way for celebrating it. Every housewife is keen on cooking delicious meals for their families using the sacrificed meat by marinating it to get a special new flavor. Actually, marinating the meat in a dressing before cooking it is one of the most popular traditions in cuisines around the world; not only because beef meat needs more time to be done, but also for the beef to have a special flavor and scientifically-approved health benefits. Marinating meat also helps in cooking it and making it soft to be easily chewed and swallowed. It also preserves its quality and helps lessen the amount of bacteria that grows on it, as most dressings contain lemon juice or vinegar, onions and garlic. 
Here are some tips for marinating your meat:
1.Put the marinated meat in the refrigerator and don’t leave it in room temperature.
2.Distribute the dressing on the meat pieces evenly.
3.Cover the marinated meat and never leave it uncovered.
4.Don’t reuse the dressing in which you marinated the meat as it will contain the bacteria from the uncooked meat.
5.Don’t marinate the meat in aluminum pots or expose the dressing to tin paper, as it becomes prone to harmful chemical reactions.
6.Poke small holes in the meat before marinating it so that it absorbs more of the dressing.
7.It’s recommended to marinate firm meat for 24 hours at most so that it becomes soft.

Try marinating your meat when cooking ‘Steak Diane,’ ‘vegetables steak roll,’ ‘roasted lamb thigh with noodles,’ and of course ‘lamb shank’ and ‘roasted thigh’ which are the most popular in our cuisine and the most suitable for Eid gatherings.

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