Mexican Night at Home!


Mexican Night at Home!

Taco is a traditional Mexican dish that consists of corn, beans and different filling like beef, chicken, veggies, or cheese and is served with salad or on tortilla bread. Tacos have various tastes, sauces and flavors and they’re very easy to make. Here are some tips on making the best taco for your Mexican night: 
1.Mini Tacos
Make the taco filling\fillings. Heat some mini tortillas and place the filling inside. You can garnish the mini tacos on your serving plate to be ready with salsa or guacamole sauce.

2.Potato chips and sauce
Potato chips are one of the most popular parts of the traditional dinner in Mexico. Put the potato chips in a big bowl with different types of sauce, like salsa or guacamole sauce.

3.Taco salad
Heat the tortilla bread in the oven until it takes the shape of a plate, then put the taco filling into the tortilla plate and add the Mexican sauce.
You can add your own touches to make this night special and different for you and for your guests. 

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