Movie Night with Family and Friends


Movie Night with Family and Friends

One of the best things about hosting family members or friends is feeling the harmony amongst you and sharing your common interests. However, doing the exact same activities every time you gather might be boring. If your guests have common interests or things they all find interesting such as watching movies, you can seize the chance by having a ‘movies night’ with them and do something new and special. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your movies night with your family or friends:

1.Pick a suitable movie that you think everybody will like. It could be a recent movie everybody was looking forward to, an award-winning movies or a classic. You can have a few choices from which your guests can pick and then vote on them.
2.Choose a comfortable room for watching the movie, and make sure the screen is clear from all angles. Also, make sure the chairs and sofas are comfortable and that the sound and picture are working well before watching.
3.Try to avoid using cell phones or side talks so that everybody enjoys watching the movie quietly. 
4.Snacks and desserts are very important on movies nights, so make sure you make enough of them and make sure you put the dishes in a reachable spot for everybody. Also try to have a variety of snacks such as, tuna sushi, mini musakhan, fried pizza balls or vegetable cheese ball, in addition to desserts like, banana ice cream, peanut butter cookies, pineapple frozen yogurt. Don’t forget to make your guests some special juices like banana peanut butter milk shake, peach-blueberry juice, hot mocha or mango lassi.

These were our tips for spending a special movies night with your loved ones. You can add your own touches and creative ideas to make a memorable night with your guests.
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