My Kitchen Story  Huda Al-Rubieyia


My Kitchen Story Huda Al-Rubieyia

I believe that while growing up in a large family, good food is appreciated and plays a major role. I was very curious, although I was a mere spectator, watching closely the details of the cooking process. They didn’t need my help a lot. I started with the non baking sweets when I was young and chose the easiest ones to make. After a relatively short period of time, I mastered all such sweets and I wrote down the recipes in a notebook dedicated to sweets.

However, the problem was that I thought main meals were very hard and impossible to cook, so they were something I put on hold. 

I was young when I got married and then, I had to face my fears and learn everything I was afraid of at once. I didn’t want to deal with the oven and fire because I thought they were very hard to handle. Even cutting up the chicken was a nightmare for me. I confess that I even cried when I cut up a chicken for the very first time. 

My husband’s patience helped me a lot at that time as all my attempts ended up in failure. But after some time, I realized that making mistakes is a way of learning. I started to avoid committing the same mistakes and yayyy! I made the first Kabsa! It was something like winning the World Cup, and I couldn’t believe I made it and passed the biggest obstacle. 

I needed to look closely into the details of the cooking process. Therefore, it was the first time I went to a library to buy a cooking book - not a novel! I bought small booklets which I still have them with me now after about 14 years. They played a role in developing my cooking skills. Some of them were booklets specialized in pastries which I fell in love with. Thank God, my phobia of oven vanished and oven-cooking became an incredible joy for me. Until now, whenever I feel I need to release the negative energy, I always cook pastries. 

Cooking was my only comfort. Then came the era of social media. I tried every new and strange recipe from different countries. I shared my recipes with my family and friends and became the source of easy guaranteed recipes and an example to be followed in cooking.

I am still learning new things everyday and I am obsessed with food and cooking. By God’s grace, I developed my skills in food decoration and photography and everyday I learn and try something new. Nothing is possible, but most importantly, try not to give up and not to stop trying. Cooking is all about practice and with it comes its mastery.


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