My Kitchen Story Samar Halwani


My Kitchen Story Samar Halwani

I loved being in the kitchen and cooking different things. Since childhood, I had a passion for cooking; even the toys I played with were all related to kitchen and making cakes. I was especially happy when I wore the pink kitchen apron and played the role of a chef and made cakes. And I was very keen to watch and follow many cooking shows. 

My first supporters were my parents – to whom I wish a long life. The first recipes I made were rice pudding, balah al-sham (tulumba), and fruit salad. The meal I enjoyed the most was the dinner meal and the recipe of vermicelli with milk. I can remember, even now, the first recipes I made in full detail -  the successful and the unsuccessful ones.

I would like my daughter to have a passion for cooking as well. I will help her and support her to my full extent.

Thanks to Goody ♥ for giving me a chance to share my most precious memory with you. Life is easy with Goody’s recipes and its amazing products ♥

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