Pasta little chefs

How many times did your children push away the veggies out of their plates? How many times did they refuse a certain food item that was offered to them and decided to play with it instead?
While it can be frustrating for you, picky eating among 6-year-olds is a normal developmental stage, and most kids grow out if it by the age of 9 to 10. Lucky for us; kids love pasta, and lucky for you pasta can now be considered a healthy option.
Aiming to turn the hassle of feeding kids into fun and healthy moments, Goody Pasta is expanding its product portfolio further by introducing Little Chefs; more interesting and more attractive pasta, made in the shapes of toys that kids like to play with, and fortified with B vitamins and Iron needed for their physical and mental growth.
Food is love and everyone loves Pasta, from family to friends to kids. The gift of Pasta works for anyone, anytime, any occasion!

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