Recipe from Every Region


Recipe from Every Region

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest countries in terms of area, and that’s why each region has its own traditional dish.

Northern and Middle Regions
Northern and middle regions are known for many tasty dishes, such:
1.Kabsa: One of the most famous dishes across Saudi Arabia. The dish is made with rice and meat or chicken.
2.Mataziz: It is made with backed dough and a variety of vegetables, cooked in tomato sauce, served usually as lunch.
3.Kleicha:  A famous Qassimi cookie made of wheat flour, sugar, honey and spices.
4.Kobayba Ha'il:  Stuffed grape leaves with rice.

Eastern Region
1.Chicken and Fish Makbus: Rice made with fish or chicken using the Easterns method.
2.Eish Hasawei: It is a brown rice grows in Al-Ahsa region made with spices and nuts.

Western Region
1.Manto and Yaghmesh: Stuffed dough with ground meat mixed with onion and leek and then the Manto is steam cooked and the Yaghmesh is baked.
2.Formoza: Stuffed bread with meat and baked in the oven.
3.Debyaza: Made with qamar al-din mixed with water, sugar and nuts, it’s mostly served during Eid.

Southern Region
1.Asida: Wheat flour mixed with a little bit of water and salt and served with tomato sauce, laban (Buttermilk), meat and ghee. There are so many types of Asida depending on each region.
2.Arika: It is made with shredded brown bread in a bowl with a hole in the middle, and then be poured with a mix of ghee, honey and dates.
3.Mahshosh (Hamees): Chopped meat and fat stirred with spices. It’s served warm with bread in eid Al-Adha.

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