Saudi Kitchen


Saudi Kitchen

The people of Saudi are characterized with hospitability, as it is a value passed down through generations as part of our religious traditions, through our lifestyle as one of the pillars of our customs and traditions. Perhaps one of the most beautiful things that makes our country special is the multiple regions and cities, with the different traditions, and what sets us apart is our love for exchanging traditional Saudi dishes, especially between family and friends. Traditional dishes vary from one region to the other based on the crops in the geographical areas, whether it’s a coastal area or a farming area; even the differences in the dishes depend on the exposure to other cultures, like in the western region especially Makkah and Jeddah, since their people mingled with different cultures due to Hajj and Umrah. After all, who hasn’t tried the dish “Hareesat Al Mulukheeya” from their Hijazi neighbors, and who hasn’t prepared for her family the “Ashuriya” dish well known to the people in AlMadinah; orthe “Arika” known in the southern regions. There are many famous dishes well known to the Saudi kitchen, like “Balaleet” known to the people in the Eastern region, and “AlMathloutha” known to the Najdi region. 

Today, most modern mothers are known to innovate with these recipes without changing the taste or the main ingredients only adding love, which makes their families choose these dishes all while getting introduced to the heritage of the Saudi cuisine, making them look forward for the deliciously upgraded traditional dishes. 

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