Saudi Traditions in Hospitality


Saudi Traditions in Hospitality

No doubt that traditions and etiquette differ from a country to the other, but what’s common between all Arab countries is the great hospitality and being generous to the guests. These are inherited ethics followed till today. In Saudi Arabia for instance, hospitality traditions differ from a region to the other and from a family to the other, but there are some common traditions followed by all Saudi such as,

Arabian coffee, dates, and juice
There are some Arabian etiquettes for serving coffee that are passed from generation to the others, and one of the most important ones is pouring the coffee with the left hand, filling third of the cup and serving the cup with the right hand leaning towards your guest so that they don’t need to exert effort to take it. After that, you serve a plate of dates or desserts and hand your guest the napkin. Avoid making your guest pour the coffee herself. It’s also recommended that you fill the coffee three times, and then serve the juice. However, in some regions, you can start with the juice then serve the coffee. 

Oud and incense are two of the distinctive features of the Saudi house, because the fragrance is just great! That’s why you’d find incense used in houses, parties, weddings and family gatherings. Make sure you burn incense in an adorned censer before your guests arrive, and make sure you put it in a safe spot.

3.Tea after Dinner
After serving the dinner, invite your guests to the table and help them sit down. You can also introduce the dishes to them and then start serving the food. You can also serve some juices and some green or red tea with dessert after dinner. Note that tea enhances digestion, and that’s why it’s always the best drink to serve after dinner.

These are some of the fundamental Saudi traditions of hospitality that may differ from a house to the other, but they all aim at serving the guest as generously as possible.

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