Shelf life of the food in the freezer


Shelf life of the food in the freezer

It is true that freezing food is an easy and practical way to save time, in preparing a meal, especially during Ramadan. However, it’s important to know how long food lasts, in the freezer.  We must not keep food beyond the below periods. 

To make sure you always know that your food is safe, write the date on each item you place in the freezer, and check it when you defrost, to make sure it’s still safe. It’s also a good idea to divide food into portions, so that you only defrost the quantity you need. 

Fresh Chicken: 6-12 months in the freezer

Cooked Chicken: 6 months in the freezer 

Minced Meat and Kufta: 3-4 Months in the freezer 

Soup: 3 Months in the freezer 

Bread Dough: 10 days 

Kubba that is not fried: 1 Month 

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