Smart storage ideas


Smart storage ideas

•    Storage cleaning tools: If you are using the cupboard under the kitchen sink to arrange these tools, We suggest that you install a pipe casually in the cabinet to attach to the sprayer bottles or towels used to clean the house so that you are using the space well.

•    Arranging the dishcloths: To be within reach, use a vertical holder and hang it on one side of the cupboard to attach the covers to it.

•    Spices arrangement: You use it frequently in small magnetic containers and arrange it in an artistic manner on the refrigerator instead of in big containers that take a large portion of the kitchen.

•    Take advantage of hidden corners in your kitchen: Unused spaces in the kitchen:

•    Such as the space behind the kitchen door: where you can use the stainless steel shelves that take the form of an angle, and store food such as onions and potatoes.

•    The space between the wall and the side of the refrigerator: which can collect all spices and legumes, a place hidden from the eyes, but when needed, you can easily pull the shelf out.

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