The Art of Napkin-Folding


The Art of Napkin-Folding

Every housewife has her own style when decorating her dining table and serving the foods, and no doubt that one of the most special touches is the way you fold your napkins. In the beginning, you need to figure out what the event is and decide the food you’re going to make, and pick the napkins’ type and color accordingly. Then, fold your paper or cloth napkins in this classic way to add a creative touch to your table and make a pocket for the spoon and knife. 
1.Spread the square napkin. You can iron it on low temperature to have it spread well. 
2.Fold the napkin from the middle to form a big triangle. 
3.Fold the right side to form a smaller triangle.
4.Fold the left side as well to form a small triangle. 
5.Fold the first layer of the right triangle to form an inside triangle. 
6.Repeat: fold the first layer of the left triangle to form an inside triangle. 
7.Flip the napkin.
8.Fold a third of the first inside layer until you can see the inner two triangles.
9.Flip the napkin again.
10.Fold the corners to the inside to form a heart.
11.The heart-shaped napkins are now ready to put them on the serving plates.

You can add your own touches to the heart-shaped pockets or innovate your own way of folding your napkins to have the best dining table your guests have ever seen. 


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