The dough maker’s beaters and how to use them


The dough maker’s beaters and how to use them

Baking homemade cakes and pastries for your family is better than buying them readily-made. But, first of all, you have to know the beaters of the dough maker and how to use them:

1- Balloon whisk: Used to whisk cake, cream, and egg white because it allows for a large amount of air to enter into the dough during stirring. Use this whisk in making apple cake with cinnamon or Tres Leches cake or Tiramisu Swiss roll.
2- Flat beater: It’s one of the heaviest metal beaters and used to stir the ingredients in the dough bowl before and after making the dough. Use this beater to make Pina Colada Cheesecake.
3- Spiral dough hook: It takes the shape of “S” and used in kneading the dough thoroughly to make heavy pastries, such as bread, pasties and Kubba dough. Use this hook to make oven corn Kubba or briouch bread.
4- Silicone beater: It’s one of the secondary attachments in any dough maker. Its shape is similar to the metal flat beater, but is completely covered with a silicone layer and used to whisk light pastries, such as Lukaimat, Quatayef, or crepe dough. Use this beater to try our Lukaimat recipe or crepe rolls with broad beans or Lahoh.
5- Meat grinder: It’s an essential tool to cut and mince meat for multiple purposes. It can also help in kneading Kubba dough and making many kinds of cold meat such as sausages and hot dogs. Try our sausage curry with white beans recipe.

Here are some tips from us on how to use the dough maker generally:
-Use the appropriate beating speed according to the kind of dough prepared.
-Put the dry ingredients or the ingredients you want to beat first, then slowly add the liquid until you reach the dough texture you want.
-The K letter next to the speed indicators means kneading light pastries, such as crepe and Quatayef dough. While the L letter indicates kneading heavy pastries, such as bread and pasties dough.

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