The secret for getting primary nutritional benefits everyday


The secret for getting primary nutritional benefits everyday

Our association with dates can be traced back to a thousand years. We grew up consuming them in Ramadan and our great-grandparents used to live on them. 
As our food options start becoming more infused with other cultures and fusions, we have started to depend on dates as a daily consumption much less than our parents did. It has become more or less an occasional fruit. 

With Goody Date Spread, we have started seeing glimpses of the return of dates as a daily nutritional habit through its new format which can be considered as a healthier alternative to other types of spreads which are now used all over the world on many recipes.  

This new format is for everyone who is trying to consume the nutritional benefits of Dates in a convenient way- without having to  change their daily habits. It also opens up new doors for people who are passionate about cooking since it allows for the usage of Dates to innovate new recipes - in a much more convenient way-.

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