Tips and ideas for Lunch Box


Tips and ideas for Lunch Box

If you are looking for balanced, tasty and healthy meals for your kids, look no further. With back to school season approaching, we are sharing with you ideas to prepare meals for lunchboxes.

First Tip:
A balanced meal must include carbohydrates, protein, dairy and a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Second Tip:
You can prepare the ingredients and keep them in plastic or glass containers in the refrigerator to save time while making the meal in the morning. 

Third Tip:
Give your kids the opportunity to choose their meals; this will motivate them to eat it.

Fourth Tip:
Replace white bread and baked goods with delicious homemade ones made with oat and whole wheat.

Fifth Tip:
Make sure not to repeat the same meals every day. To make it easy, write down a weekly meal-plan with your kid, it’s going to be time-saving and will not take you long to prepare it in the morning. 

Sixth Tip:
If your kids like fast food, then it’s ok to have it once a week to satisfy their cravings instead of not allowing them to have it at all.

Seventh Tip:
Talking to your kids about nutrition and its importance, for example the types of proteins and where it can be found, will help you a lot in convincing them to eat their meals and enjoy it.

Eighth Tip:
Make sure that your kids drink enough water and juice to give them energy and vitamins, which helps preventing from getting dehydrated.

Ninth Tip:
Remember, your kids eat a lot of small meals because their stomach is small; so having variety of meals will make your kids excited to eat the meal they have.

Tenth Tip:
Nuts, fresh and dried fruits are healthy choice for snacks. 

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