To become a Smart Housewife…Always be ready and frugal


To become a Smart Housewife…Always be ready and frugal

Why do you have to spend a long time in preparing food?!

Make sure to manage your time between the kitchen; to achieve the happiness of your family members, and sitting with them; to enjoy spending the best of times.

Now, through the golden tips provided to you by Goody Kitchen, you can save up to one-third of your time and effort, without prejudice to any steps in preparing the delicious food you want; in order to achieve the balance that you're looking for.

Prior Preparation…

Enjoy spending the happiest times, and having the tastiest dishes made by our own hands, with your family members; and that is through the prior preparation of the hard recipes, or those that take a long time to prepare.

Before the start of the week, you can prepare the food then keep it frozen in the freezer, and when needed, take it out and defrost it, and then enjoy it throughout the week with your family members.

Canned Food…

There is a saying that goes: time is of the essence and lots of fresh food spoils over time. To this end, Goody came to discover the secret for success, through trials it will save you a lot of your time… Always keep your canned food in the kitchen’s cupboard, especially the grains that take a long time to be cooked, such as butter beans, red kidney beans, fava beans, chickpeas and others.

Frozen Food…

Always keep the vegetables clean and chopped in the freezer; in order to be used when needed. When you are preparing the sauce, you can double the amount in order to keep the rest in the freezer, the same applies to the stock, soup, pastries, pizza sauce, and many other ingredients... and when needed, take them out and heat them. Enjoy with your family a new dish prepared in a short time with less effort.

Make it Easier on Yourself

If you are busy and have little time, Goody advises you not to waste more time on preparing complex recipes with many difficult steps... You can choose recipes with few ingredients, while using some ready-made sauces.

Make your life easier, and enjoy spending more time with your husband and children.

Plan for Next Week

To make it easier on yourself, and in order to save more time and effort, prepare in advance - before the start of the week - a list of all the recipes that you will be serving next week, and then extract from them a list of ingredients that you will need to prepare these recipes; to be at the forefront of your purchases when you go shopping.


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