Travel Preparations in a few steps

It’s the summer vacation, and who doesn’t like travelling? However, you need to follow certain steps while preparing for your trip. For example,
•Try not to buy too many groceries the week before your trip and only buy what you need.
•Clean the refrigerator and take out the perishable products.
•Get rid of any meat in the refrigerator and put the herbs, coffee and spices in the freezer.
•Arrange the kitchen shelves and get rid of any perishable products.
•Prepare quick simple meals that don’t need a long time of preparation, so that you can take care of the rest of the tasks and not spend too much on fast food.
•Shut all the windows in the kitchen and the rooms.
•Unplug all plugs and make sure you shut the faucets and gas valves.
•Get rid of all of the garbage in the kitchen and the rooms.

    • Goody kitchen