The Tuna Selection Guide


The Tuna Selection Guide

Selecting the perfect Tuna for your family might become a challenging task. You might feel puzzled while selecting Goody Tuna from a wide variety of selection at your grocery store. You have to consider your family’s tastes, their preferences and tuna flavor before picking up the can. 

To make things easy for you, Goody Kitchen brings you the ultimate Tuna selection guide. Let’s have a look at each kind of Goody Tuna available with their uses and benefits. 

•    First comes “Albacore white Tuna” which consists of fine albacore white tuna. It is rich in Omega-3 and has a solid consistency. It is perfect for Tuna Grish, Tuna Kabsah and Tuna macaroni
•    The second kind is the Tenderina. What’s special about Tenderina is its fine soft meat. It is great for making tuna Burger small and light pastries and Sambusa
•    There’s also the Light Meat Tuna in brine water and salt. It’s very light with 95% less fat. It is popular with weight watchers and healthy eaters. You can enjoy this delicious Tuna with light salads like French salad and many more. 
•    As for the Chili Light Meat Tuna, it is the best choice for those who prefer the spicy flavors. We recommend you to try this tuna with salty chips or as an appetizer with green onions and lemon. 
•    There is also the Light Meat Tuna with olive oil which is suitable for salads. It is rich in protein and healthy fat. 
•    Lastly, there’s the Light Meat Tuna with sunflower oil, which is suitable for recipes like tuna lasagna, tuna sushi and tuna omelet. 
So next time when you go shopping, find the perfect Tuna from our Tuna guide and let us know your experience. We would love to hear from you. 

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