Types of salt


Types of salt

There are many types of salt, and not just the table salt we are used to, but in fact, there are several types of salt, each has its usage. We will give you a brief on each type below:

1.Table salt, the most commonly used salt in cooking, has a strong stinging taste. The bitter taste can be left, which is undesirable for big chefs professionals.

2.Kosher Salt is a coarse salt that it has a special touch, by equal melting and does not leave a strong taste which gives a slight touch of salinity, which is best to stay in hands usage.

3.Sea salt consists of crystals. It is a very good salt to sprinkle it is added on the final dish as topping, so it creates a salty flavor at every bite which can be added only before serving, or can be added to cooked vegetables before serving. 
This type tends to melt at different rates on the tongue, which means obtaining a balanced flavor.

4.Himalayan Salt Its known for its Rosy color, it’s a type of salt, chemically similar to table salt, containing minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which give salt its light pink color. 
As for the uses of pink salt, it is used in the same way as plain table salt in cooking and is used instead of bath salts for cosmetic purposes too.

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