Types of Sambusa Dough


Types of Sambusa Dough

Every housewife likes to try new things in Ramadan and prepare different pies and pastries at home. However, it's important to learn more about the different kinds of dough. Your new talent will enhance your cooking skills and will definitely impress your family & friends.

You can prepare the most delicious pastries using:

- Puff Pastry Dough: 
It's suitable for baking; it gets fluffy and doubles in size when baked. You can fill it with different kinds of cheese, meat or even vegetables. 
- Puff Dough:
Widely used in sambus, it is very popular in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries. It's a thin dough, so you need to make sure you seal it very well. It's only suitable for frying as it swells up when put in hot oil. 
- Filo / Leafy Dough
Also known as spring rolls - it's widely used in the Asian cuisine, and is very thin. It's suitable for frying and turns into a golden crispy dough when fried. 
- Sambusa Dough
It's very similar to paratha dough. You cut it in length, roll it into triangles, and then fry it. It gets very fluffy and crispy when fried in hot oil. 
- Last but not least: Wheat Dough
Can be used to make sambusa. Suitable for baking and frying, as its consistency is in between pie dough and puff.  

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