Types of Sambusa Dough


Types of Sambusa Dough

Because all the housewives in Ramadan like to indulge in the various types of pastries and pancakes prepared in the house, we must make clear is important is the dough and types that will help you surprise your family and launch your skills to prepare the best types of pastries. 
You can prepare the best pastry dishes using: 

Paste Pastry dough: 
which is baked in the oven and its features are swollen and doubled in size, and can be filled with different types of cheeses, meat or vegetables. 

Puff paste: 
famous in making the sambusk known in the Kingdom and the Gulf is characterized by its purity, which must be sure of the individual well, the dough is suitable only for frying, as it blows up as soon as it touches hot oil.
Paleo dough or lush paste: 
Known as the Saberring Roll, known as Asian cuisine, a paste characterized by its purity and fit to fry to acquire the golden color and the crinkle appetite.

Sambosk paste: 
which is similar to the applied paste, but is cut lengthwise to fill it and turn the triangles and then frying, characterized by its light and crisp as soon as they touch the hot oil. 

The last type is the paste of righteousness: 
which you can overcome the Sambosk suitable for baking by the oven or frying, the thickness of the cooks in both cases is between the pie and sambosk puff.     

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