Velor Powder Milk… Creating a New Concept for Milk


Velor Powder Milk… Creating a New Concept for Milk

A unique leap occurred in the Saudi market, thanks to the availability of Velor Powder Milk, which earned – with flying colors – the admiration of housewives throughout the Kingdom; as we have found – through gathering opinions from various regions around the Kingdom – that the vast majority agree that the Velor Milk is the best milk they have ever tried, specifically in their cooking, and it is among the best products made by the Goody Company.

In order to view the vast majority’s appreciation to the Velor Milk, we gathered opinions through directing questions to a number of housewives and specialists:

Whereas Ms. Asma Baeshen said: "The Velor Milk melts quickly, almost immediately, and it does not leave any lumps or remains, which facilitates the cooking process and makes me a lot more comfortable". Ms. Roseanne Anani agreed with her, saying: "Although I was using the best brand in the Kingdom, I found that Velor melts faster."

As for Ms. Heba Sharqawi, she mentioned: "I liked the mild sweetening level in Velor; as I used to notice a high sweetening level in the former powder milk, so I found myself compelled to add more salt when cooking; however with Velor, things have changed and I don’t have to do this anymore, because its sweetening is very mild. "

Ms. Ahab Abdelah said: "I judge the milk from its color! I really liked the white color of the Velor Milk; as it is much better than other brands, whose color inclines to yellow, to the extent that it affects the final form of the dish."

While Ms. Salwa Ahmed said: "I use powdered milk in cooking and drinking; and so the delicious taste is considered the most important thing for me. I liked the taste of Velor; because it is the closest taste to that of fresh milk".

On our part, we went to one of the professional chefs: Chef Ahmed, and asked him about his opinion regarding the remarks made by the housewives, he said: "I agree with them; as they have mentioned the top five benefits of the powder milk, which helps in obtaining the best dishes and desserts, namely: taste, melting speed, density, color, and sweetening level".

We then asked Velor’s Marketing Director at the Goody Company: Hatan Saaty, who in turn explained: "Velor was produced according to scientific studies made by the Goody Company, which concluded that these five signs are the most important benefits that match the Saudi market requirements; as the Saudi housewives mostly use powder milk in cooking; the matter which the foreign companies had overlooked and not understood about the Saudi market, as they focused only on the taste. Thus, they added sugar and other additives, without considering the other important aspects (the five benefits)".

Therefore, Velor Powder Milk is considered one the most important food products in the Saudi market. Although it has been noted lately that some consumers tend to drink fresh milk, but the use of Velor Powder Milk in cooking has not been affected, on the contrary, it is expected to grow even more.


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