Warm spices


Warm spices

spices are known since ancient times for adding flavor and distinctive smell to any dish.it is the secret flavor behind any recipe and it is the differentiate between similar dishes, add to that its health benefits for colds in the winter and its effect to warm the body during this season.
some spices are best for winter drinks as a source of energy and for its taste that brings warmth to the entire family.

there are types of spices some are sold dry in the form of powder or at its original form, which can be crushed in the house. Both types add delicious taste and rich flavor to your food. you can grind it with the manual or electric mill.
 Normally spices best used in the first six months from the date of purchase, here is a list of some types of spices recommended to be used in the winter.

Chili: one of the best spices for the cold weather. it increases the body temperature and makes your family warm. 

Ginger and cinnamon: A mixture of ginger and cinnamon with a spoon of honey Stimulates the warmth of the arms and feet and the body as a whole, and have a strong effect to treat stomach flu if exposed to extreme cold conditions.

Black Pepper: - Contains very effective anti-winter diseases, and the taste of black pepper in warm winter dishes will have a significant effect on raising the temperature of the body.

Anise: Relieves asthma, chest diseases, colds, and coughs. It is considered a delicious and beneficial   winter drink.
cardamom: - It is a favorite spice in winter dishes. Add sprinkles of crushed cardamom to a warm dish of soup to help maintain the health of the respiratory track in winter.

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