Creative Breakfast


Creative Breakfast

Do you usually serve eggs as omelette, boiled, or shakshouka? These are the most common ways of making eggs. What about adding some new ways to your breakfast table?

1.Add a little bit of low-fat milk or a few drops of water to the eggs, then whip it well. Water will prolong the cooking time of the egg, giving it a fluffier look. If the water boils, it’ll cause some bubbles which will make the eggs fluffy as well.

2.After boiling the eggs, cut each egg in halves, get the yolk out, mash it with mayonnaise, olive oil, or cream cheese; then put it back inside the eggs whites. Also, try eggs boats with mayonnaise mix.

3.Come with new ideas for shakshouka by adding some of the ingredients you have in your refrigerator. Luckily, eggs are a flexible ingredient that can be easily tweaked to give different and delicious recipes. 
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