Follow food pyramid as your guide


Follow food pyramid as your guide

We know that food pyramid is the guide to a healthy diet, so we recommend that you choose the right dishes that can supplement each other in terms of the nutritional values. For example, include in breakfast some grains, carbohydrates and milk and diary products. Try berry oatmeal recipe, or oatmeal flakes cubes with peanut butter and honey.

For lunch, make dishes with meat and carbohydrates. Try chicken and parmesan cheese stuffed shells, tuna biryani or oven-baked shanks.
And make a dinner consistent of vegetables, grains or milk and diary products. Try classic hummus, green salad with beet and mushroom, spinach and chees quiche, potato soup with cheese and pasta.

In this way, you will provide your family with the required nutrients during the day. Above is just an example of how to follow the food pyramid, knowing that variation and balance are the most important keys to follow the pyramid.

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