For Creative Dinner Tables


For Creative Dinner Tables

1.Be bold: don’t be afraid to try new recipes or change the preparation method of a traditional dish. Also, don’t limit yourself with one cuisine. Explore new recipes from the Arabic, Armenian, Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Turkish cuisine and try to tweak the recipes by changing a few ingredients here and there. Don’t stop until you master the different dishes and the way they should be served.

2.Pay Attention: if you go to a restaurant or you’re invited to someone’s house, pay attention to the way the new dishes are served and try to figure out the ingredients by tasting them or inquiring about them. Try those recipes at home and add your won touches.

3.Be Creative: have your own signature on the way you decorate the table, blend the colors of the plates, and serve the food from the trays into the plates using simple utensils. Also, pay attention to the food color mixtures as they play a great role in increasing your guests’ appetite. 

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