Learn about Lamb Parts and Their Cooking Time


Learn about Lamb Parts and Their Cooking Time

Red meats vary based on their source and time of cooking. Lamb meat needs about 30-50 minutes for cooking, depending on the type and age of the lamb. Other types of meat such as beef needs 45-60 minutes of cooking and camel meat needs more than an hour. Every housewife needs to be familiar with different parts of meat.

It's better to be boiled and cooked with vegetables. 

Lamb Parts Neck

Need to be slowly cooked for a period of time; so it's better to be boiled and cooked with vegetables or roasted in the oven.

3. RIBS 
One of the most delicious parts is the rocks with moderate fat and full of meat. Ribs that are closer to the shoulders tend to be more hard and suitable for grilling, frying and roasting in the oven. Try our Crispy Lamb Chops recipe.

Loin is the leanest and most expensive part of the lamb. It is the most demanded part and great for grilling and frying. This part does not require much time for cooking or to be seasoned as it's full of flavors.

Shank is full of meat with less fat comparing to its weight. Usually, it's chopped into cubes or slices and used in frying and perfect for braising in a slow, simmering broth. It can also be cooked with vegetables or be grounded. Try and enjoy our Lamb Thigh in the oven vermicelli recipe

This part can be grilled or be cooked with vegetables. When chopping it into slices, it must be ensured that they're thin to be easy to chew. 

Breast brisket is located on the lowest part of the ribs, and mostly roasted in the oven, fried or minced.

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