Goody sieved tomatoes

Nature tastes good! Who doesn’t love the exquisite flavor of tomato sauce, that adds amazing taste to any food! Even though markets are stacked with different kinds and shapes of tomato paste and sauces, Goody’s new sieved tomato sieve tops its category in Saudi Arabia. This is due to the fact that Goody’s sieved tomato is made from 100% natural Italian mashed tomato, meaning that you will get the best Italian taste in addition to the highest nutritional value. Goody have managed to pack up 2 Kilograms of tomatoes in this little jar, which makes Goody the only brand to provide you with this unique product in Saudi Arabia. Just imagine that thick texture that you can spread directly on you pizza or mix with Biryani, Casserole, Mahashi, and much more. In addition to that, and to enjoy the best taste, Goody’s sieved tomato is pealed and is seedless before getting packed, all natural and with no preservatives.

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