How To Create The Perfect Bowl of Pasta

June 16, 2022

How To Create The Perfect Bowl of Pasta
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SAUCE ❤️ SHAPE When selecting your pasta shape, think about the sauce you’re serving it with. As a general rule of thumb, tomato sauces pair beautifully with shapes that catch the sauce, like sedani, creamier sauces with more body cling on nicely to spaghetti, while we love serving oily pestos with conchiglioni. FLAVOUR BURSTS You want your pasta sauce to have lots o To ensure each spoonful is delicious, think about adding little bursts of flavour to your sauce: a big squeeze of lemon, briney notes from caper, or brightness from quick-pickled onions. These acidic elements counteract the richness of the sauce and add excitement to every bite. THE FINISHING TOUCHES Before it leaves the pan, take your pasta to the next level with a final glug of olive oil or knob of butter, as well as a generous sprinkling of parmesan. On the plate, a good scattering of pangrattato, herbs or chilli flakes help make you a master of the pasta.