What makes pasta different? Honestly, everything! Whether you’re looking for a simple starter or an amazing supper, nothing can beat pasta. It’s also as easy as can be: deliciously buttery taste, tossed in indulgent sauce and packed with flavor that can be made right on the stovetop. Made from the highest quality 100% hard durum wheat Semolina, Goody pasta offers you a wide range of pasta shapes with great taste, firm & non-stick texture and quality that all your family will agree on. And if you wish to turn every ordinary moment into an extraordinary one, Goody Special Pasta range is your perfect choice, along with quality special sauces forming the base for mind-blowing mixed flavors. Striving to provide mothers with a refined selection of pasta shapes, special pasta and special sauces, Goody Pasta helps mothers in their daily quest to impress and amaze. No wonder Goody Pasta has maintained its Pasta leadership in Saudi Arabia.