Because you care to give the best to your family, Goody makes sure to carefully select the finest fillet from the middle part of the Tuna fish. Goody’s Tuna. It is the best part of the fish for its special with its light odor, rich pink color, and tender texture. It is rich with protein and contains Vitamin B, which is a great energy booster. Goody provides you with a wide variety of the best high-quality Tuna to enable you to create enjoyable meals for your family and guests. Prepare and serve a variety of Tenderina tuna sandwiches for your children before they go to school, and impress guests and friends with the newest “Hot Buffalo” or “Jalapeno Pepper” Tuna Tenderina sandwiches Recently, Goody introduced the first of its kind in the Kingdom’s markets, canned “Goody Salmon”, which is easy to prepare and has a unique taste with four different variants. All you have to do is to add your innovative touches to a delicious Salmon dish for the family to enjoy a delicious light meal.