Bassboussa Cupcake with Cream


Bassboussa Cupcake with Cream

  • Preparation time
  • Preparation time

    15 minute
  • cooking time
  • Cooking time

    35 minute
  • Preparation time
  • Difficulty

  • cooking time
  • Serving

    12 People
  • Goody kitchen


For the bassboussa: 
1 cup fine semolina 
1 cup coarse semolina (can use one type)
1 ½ cup dried shredded coconut
¾ cup powdered sugar
250 grams Goody Velor cream
¾ cup vegetable oil
1 egg
1 tsp liquid vanilla
1 tbsp baking powder
Some saffron threads (or 1 tsp orange blossom water if desired)
For the filling: 
1 can Goody Velor Cream
For Topping:
Goody Arabic Sweets Syrup
Pistachio, peeled and sliced thin


1.     Mix all bassboussa ingredients well. Prepare cupcake pan by placing cupcake papers. Fill each cupcake paper halfway with the batter. Add 1 tbsp cream, and then pour the bassboussa batter on top. Make sure the cream doesn’t come out from the sides.

2.     Heat oven to 180° C. Place cupcake pan in the oven and bake for 20 minutes, or until cupcakes sides golden. Turn on the grill and bake for 3 more minutes. Take out cupcakes and immediately pour the syrup on top of each cupcake. Garnish with pistachios. Serve hot or cold.